Become a Travel Agent - World Edition 1-3

Teacher: Melanie Hampton
Grade(s): 1-3
Session(s): Combined Session/ 6 weeks
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 12pm - 12:55pm
Cost: $530 (material fee included)
Traveling around the world is an awesome adventure! Together, we will experience the culture and learn through new experiences as we learn about different countries. After learning about each new country, students will create a travel brochure as a way to share with others what to expect when they travel to each destination. Take the time to learn about our world and become a travel agent all in one summer!

Our class will meet daily on Zoom for one hour. While on Zoom we will learn about different countries and have the opportunity to participate in a few virtual field trips. Students are expected to participate each day in order to become familiar with the information needed to complete a travel brochure (with the instructor’s assistance as needed).