All Hands on Deck - Critical Thinking and Survival Skills 3-4

Teacher: Julita Penido
Grade(s): 3-4
Session(s): 1 or 2
Days: M-F
Time: 3pm - 3:55pm
Cost: $250
Did you know that you can make a compass using a paperclip and a magnet? Or an oven out of cardboard and foil? Do you like searching for treasure? All Hands on Deck is a class that helps young learners hone critical thinking and survival skills. Each day, students will learn about a different facet of surviving in the outdoors. Along the way, they will develop self-confidence, independence, and an increased awareness of their surroundings while learning how to engage with the world in new, exciting, and practical ways. Among other activities, students will be building, braiding, fixing, identifying, measuring, and navigating, all while learning practical and gratifying new skills to traverse life’s twists and turns more thoughtfully, gracefully and thoroughly. Each day, students will spend an hour with their teacher learning new concepts, working on projects, and synthesizing what has been covered in the class. A box of supplies will be sent to the household of each student, with each day’s activity individually labeled.