She’s Just Not Ready Yet: Finding The Right Time To Talk To Your Child About Race

Date and time: Wednesday, September 16, 7-8 p.m.
Audience: Lower School parents and guardians
Some parents experience anxiety as they try to determine when and how to have constructive conversations with their children about race. Research shows these conversations are critical. In this session, Lower School parents have the opportunity to develop their capacity to introduce racial topics. They will learn how to address questions about contemporary social justice conflicts and redirect messages when a child articulates sentiments that could be perceived as biased.

Facilitated by Dr. Camille Rich
Children are already using racial heuristics to guide their thinking as early as age 5. Research also shows that when parents do not talk to their children about race, media outlets and confused peer messages can fill the gap, resulting in the development of racial bias. Additionally, in this session, parents will learn why it is important to communicate equality values in ways other than conversation and consider ways to better incorporate their commitment to racial equality in family life.