Kindergartners get lesson in health and wellness

Poly's kindergarten teddy bear clinic, which has been a tradition for many years, took on an expanded focus this year and was renamed the Health and Wellness Expo. Originally created to help younger children feel more comfortable around medical professionals, this year's program included lessons on general health and well-being, as well as emergency readiness.

Kindergartners brought their stuffed animals to school to be "treated" by various Poly parents in the medical field, including Sam Kim, Phet Tejavanija, Kim Bickell, Marilyn Li, Ying Goh, Ivy Lee, and Matthieu Declerck. In the afternoon, students participated in mindfulness activities and enjoyed rotations on exercise, dental hygiene, sun safety, nutrition, and safety and emergencies, including tips from Firefighter Toma Nua. See more photos from the day.
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