Poly Film Fest May 10

May 10, 6 p.m.

The 2024 Poly Film Festival hosts a record 18 submissions from our Upper School student body. Refreshments and Q&A with student filmmakers will accompany this robust program of screenings. With films by: Desmond Rhone, Olivia Arteaga-Johnson, Matteo Mazzie, Zaph Coher, Charlie Broggi, Sabreen El-Amin and Rhianna Cohen, Oscar De La Hoya, Emerson Min, Audrey Tomlin, Sofia Daniel, Marcel Zamora, and Charlie Broggi, Anya Matz, Melanie Zhou, Shayla Starr, Carthan Connolly, Mariel Vargas-vonBreymann, Klaryssa Cobian, Carthan Connolly, Dora Chen, Gaia Drago, and Zaph Coher, Kelly Zhang, Connor Mallinger and Matteo Mazzie, Morgan Rangel, Audrey Ma, Jack Schugren & Sophie Ankeles.