College Counselor Samantha Schreiber Tours Boston Schools

College Counselor and 11/12 Dean Samantha Schreiber attended the BEANS tour (Boston Extended Area Network of Schools) April 7-10 which took her to colleges including Simmons, Brandeis, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Holy Cross, and Emerson. These trips are important to college counselors not only for understanding which institutions will best match our students but also to build relationships with schools.

Simmons is a women-centered school in the heart of Boston; Emerson is also in the heart of Boston and an amazing option for creative students (film, writing, media, comedy, etc); WPI is a hands-on, project-based technical institute perfect for students who want to learn by doing; Holy Cross is beautiful, well resourced and a D1 liberal arts college; Brandeis is an R1 institution outside of Boston that is very community-oriented. At Brandeis, Samantha also witnessed the eclipse! 

Welcome back, Samantha! We look forward to your next college dispatch.