GIP Event: Screening and Discussion of “A Step Without Feet”

With co-director, co-writer, and cinematographer Jeremy Glatholt
Feb 12, 2024, 6-7 p.m.
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In August 2015, Germany’s Angela Merkel pledged that Germany would welcome 1 million Syrian, Afghani and Iraqi refugees. Jeremy Glatholt, a fellow Angelino, co-created this amazing 2020 film alongside Lydia Schamsula, which gives voice to the arrival, settlement, and adjustments of seven courageous Syrians in Berlin and, through their stories, examines how a society welcomes the hardships and hopes of “the newcomer.”

Immediately following the film's screening, there will be a Q&A discussion about the ongoing plight of those who must relocate: their courage, strength, and resilience, the power of creativity, and the negative stereotypes often perpetuated by the media and extremists. One refugee in the film shares, “Refugee, that’s not my work and not my name, only my situation.” This film sheds new light on identity vs. circumstance and the fundamental principle of each person’s human dignity.