Eight Poly Athletes Will Compete at Collegiate Level

With Commencement last Friday, June 9, marking the end of the 2022-2023 school year, members of the class of 2023 look toward the next chapter in their lives. Eight of these graduates will continue their athletic careers in college. The athletes playing at the next level are Jonah Goldstein at MIT (track and field), Adam Arther at Kansas State (baseball), Emily Wen at Georgetown (volleyball), Paige Lim at the University of Chicago (basketball), Rebekah Hong at Emory University (volleyball), Tonanxochitl Ortega at Claremont McKenna (water polo), James Gomez at Claremont McKenna (soccer), and Oliver Molz at Wesleyan (soccer).

Congratulations to these eight members of the class of 2023! We look forward to watching you compete in college!