English I Students Complete Creative Story Project

Laura Holmgren's English I students finished their creative story projects started in December. As a winter Block Day activity, they outlined their conflicts, characterization, and message and then wrote a draft through the climax. After receiving feedback, they revised their outlines and included the resolution. Then they revised again before drawing illustrations of their climaxes.

Once they polished the text, they created their books' design, incorporating skills developed in their ELF course. Finally, they performed dramatic reading, showcasing their oral skill competencies strengthened through assignments during The Poet X unit. They will embed the projects in their ELF portfolios as learning artifacts to highlight their skills. 
"It's my favorite project in the ninth grade English class because, as a culmination of the year's skills and storytelling focus, it provides opportunities to express themselves in multiple modalities," Laura said. "This year's sections did a phenomenal job! And a shout-out to Jeremy H. '25: I used his outstanding work from last year as the model. The students were clearly inspired by the quality of his project."

Check out their projects here!