Green Commuter Gaelle Mounioloux Metros and Bikes to Work

Middle School French Teacher Gaelle Mounioloux is one of Poly’s consistent green commuters. Gaelle rides the Metro Gold Line from her home in Covina to Pasadena’s Lake Station. For the final leg of her commute, she uses a folding bike that accompanies her on the commute for a seven-minute cycle to Poly. Gaelle is a dedicated green commuter, even showing up on our last Bike-to-Work day, despite the rain. 

“Because I grew up in France, I always used public transportation, even when I was a student,” she shared. “I also use public transportation because of the environment. There's a lot of pollution in Los Angeles, and traffic also is very bad. When I lived in France, I had a car, but I barely used it, so that’s why I’ve been using public transportation.”

Gaelle previously walked from Lake Station to Poly which was about a 25-minute walk. She learned about how Poly supports employees with purchasing bikes for commuting and contacted Manager of Safety and Sustainability Dave Yamaoka. He was able to quickly connect with her and support her purchase of a folding bike that transports easily on commutes. 

To fellow employees considering green commuting, Gaelle recommends they try it out and see how it goes. “I think it's a great opportunity for people to try to change their habits, so I would encourage everyone to do so. It may not be every single day in the beginning, maybe one or two days at first. If it's easy, then you can increase little by little.”