CIF Summer Practice Break

Although PolySummer has one more week remaining, Poly Athletics is wrapping up its summer practices. The CIF rulebook states, “A summer dead period must be declared by the school district and/or principal for all sports. The dates of the dead period must be forwarded to the Southern Section Commissioner. The dead period must be the same for all sports at all levels and must be two (2) consecutive weeks, fourteen (14) days between the end of school in the spring and the first day of school in the Fall. No class could be offered which could circumvent the rule. There are no exceptions to the summer dead period. During the dead period, NO weight lifting would be permitted. No running or other type of conditioning would be allowed. No coordinated workouts by any staff or volunteer member associated with the school are allowed.”

Poly Athletics has declared this year’s dead period to be from July 16-30. In accordance with the CIF rules, no practices or contact of any type will be allowed during this time. It allows a break for coaches and players alike before Poly Athletics ramps back up for the fall season as early as August 1. Please find the beginning of the Fall 2022 practice schedule here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Poly Athletics at