City of Angels Class Walks from Pasadena to the Santa Monica Pier

The City of Angels class walked from Poly to the Santa Monica Pier for the first time since pre-COVID. Nine seniors joined for the walk departing Poly at 6:30 a.m. and arriving at the beach around 6 p.m. The walk, traversing Los Angeles from East to West, reminds one of the late L.A. Times Food critic Jonathan Gold’s walk traversing and eating along Pico Boulevard in its entirety. Adam Feldmeth and Nathan Stogdill led the walk and were joined throughout the journey by Rachel Dunham, Laura Gershenhorn, and J.D. Gladden. A number of Poly students drove the route and ended up at the beach where the walk concluded. “It was a wonderful walk that moved through familiar (Pasadena, Highland Park, Silverlake, etc.) and unfamiliar (most of the west side) neighborhoods and helped us see the connections between different parts of the city that feel disconnected when we drive between them,” said Nathan, adding, “And we also connected with each other—our conversations didn't stop for the entirety of our time together, and they provided a slow and capacious space for students to reflect on their time in Los Angeles and at Poly as they look forward to what's next.”