Poly Pet and Hobby Show Returns

Poly is thrilled to announce the return of the 105th Poly Pet and Hobby Show (PPHS) on April 29 from 12-3 p.m. The entirely outdoor event will feature carnival-style booths, food trucks, and live entertainment by our Middle and Upper School students, along with beloved traditions including the Maypole dance and dog show. As this is the first in-person PPHS since 2019, many pandemic pooches have joined our households and will be on full display for all with Alex Velasco and Brady Frome moderating with Best in Show-style commentary.

Parent volunteers Debby Kumar and Stephen Bialecki have been hard at work reimagining and reinvigorating this event to match the enthusiasm and spirit of the Poly community.

“We're so lucky to have Steve and Debbie share their expertise in organization and creativity from their own professional backgrounds,” said LSPO Chair Ivy Lee. “We are honoring Poly traditions and also lending a fresh makeover to this annual event. The Pet and Hobby Show is the first chance that we as a community of students, parents, and new families, will be able to come together.”

Sustainability is also at the heart of Debby and Stephen's planning with the creation of reusable signage, sorted waste procedures, and digital maps cutting down on printing. Student groups will also be an important feature of the event with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Colorguard present.

“It's a great opportunity to bring everybody together coming back from COVID and have a really fun time,” said Stephen. 

Debby added, “This wouldn't be possible without the parent volunteers. It's a nice way for everyone to get really involved with the community to return to campus.”

This K-12 event will celebrate the joy, resilience, and strength of our community. Students, parents, guardians, alumni, and new families are all invited to this school-wide festival of fun. The dunk tank is promised to have some familiar faces participating including John Bracker, Joey Bacon, and Rusty Buchanan. You don’t want to miss this!