PolyToday: Straight from the Heart

Eighth-graders are all about the heart these days. Students in the life science class study human body systems, genetics, and cell biology throughout the year. Earlier this week, the Class of 2026 dissected pig hearts which helped students identify the four chambers, the heart valves, and the various arteries and veins which help the blood enter and leave the heart. Teacher Raman Mander remarked, “The eighth-graders learned a great deal from a pig heart dissection as we cover the circulatory system and the delivery of oxygen to all our cells. Our heart is a miraculous pump that never gets tired and hopefully requires little maintenance when looked after!” Raman also found a compelling and topical discussion as the dissection interestingly coincided with a recent pig heart transplant for a man in Baltimore. This connection presented an opportunity for Poly students to reflect upon both the anatomical aspects and the ethical issues.