Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year. For one, grandparents always RSVP, and they show up on time. But more importantly, watching grandchildren and grandparents share the campus for a day is heartwarming. Their mutual feelings of unconditional love wrap the campus in an embrace that fuels us for many days. Hand in hand, they move from their classrooms to the playgrounds and back. Whispering, laughing, and sharing, these kindred souls navigate together the pathways we have all walked a hundred times with a newfound sense of purpose. They see and learn from each other, often without words. 

Last fall, I was worried that our plans for a virtual grandparents’ day would not fill the need, perhaps mine alone, to recenter our perspectives and priorities. Of course, it was not the same, but once again this year grandparents showed up in record numbers, and our online version has actually meant more could attend than ever before. One of the highlights was an all-school meeting that usually takes place in the gym with over 1000 people tucked in. Instead, from our computers, we watched a pre-recorded version of singers and musicians, poets and performers, sharing a bit of themselves so we could catch a glimpse of what matters to them. One grandparent captured it perfectly when she wrote, You could actually see each student who had something to say or perform. What wonderful faces. The faces of our future. And there it was, the simple truth that when we take the time to see our children’s faces, and ignore the temptation to look for our reflection, we will see the future. In these moments, the world slows down, and a sense of optimism reminds us of what we have to look forward to in the years to come—one generation at a time. 

Be well,