Middle Schoolers Attend Ethical Coronavirus Leadership Global Summit

Danica H. ’27 and Russell T. ’27 participated in Global Educator's Benchmark Group (GEBG) Ethical Leadership Global Summit. The forum, designed for middle schoolers, brought together students around the world to discuss how to better respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19. Students were asked to call upon leaders to address COVID, as well as examine ways in which they were responding as individuals.

Danica and Russell were able to participate in the group forum, but also smaller breakout groups with fellow students from countries including India and China. Both remarked about how different it was to hear the perspectives of global students, increasing their empathy and desire to make a change.

“I wanted to learn from other’s experiences,” said Danica. “Before I had read about it from the news, but during the forum I got to hear firsthand from people experiencing it themselves.”

The groups discussed tangible solutions for the pandemic, including social distancing, wearing a mask, and enforcing rules on a global and national level.

“The main thing we came back to was influence,” said Russell. “How can you influence your peers and those around you? Moving forward, we hope to encourage our peers to get the vaccine as now 12-year-olds can get the vaccine.”

Danica and Russell hope to organize an additional discussion within Poly and share what they learned during the forum. They hope to invite other schools to join in the conversation. “The only way we can get through COVID is if we all work together,” said Russell.