Dr. Anthony Arend GIP Talk on Biden Foreign Policy

By Steven L. ’23
On January 7, GIP welcomed Dr. Anthony Arend, a renowned professor at Georgetown University. With an audience of well over 130 people, he gave his presentation in a straightforward, chronological manner, covering the Trump legacy, Biden's foreign policy team, and the issues confronting the incoming administration. 
In light of the assault on Capitol Hill, he commenced his presentation with a reflection on the domestic and international ramifications of Trump's "America First" mantra. With pictures of insurgents brandishing their Confederate flags in the Capitol, Dr. Arend vehemently described the event as emblematic of the erosion of democracy in the past four years. Internationally, the results are arguably even worse. America, originally bipartisan on most foreign policy since World War II, has, in the past four years, pulled out of multilateral institutions, exacerbated relations with adversaries, and ignored concerns from allies. 
Despite the escalating tension between the US and the global community, Dr. Arend made it clear that the Biden administration will be up for the challenge. With a team that "looks like America," Biden has signaled a return to seasoned professionals in foreign policy positions. 
In the last third of the presentation, Dr. Arend covered how the rebuilding process will look with regards to climate change, human rights, multilateral institutions, and other pressing topics. Looking forward, Dr. Arend is confident about a new era of global cooperation, collaboration, and engagement, given the new congress and the professionalism of the incoming administration.
When talking to students about their reaction to the event, they expressed a mix of “appreciation,” “passion,” and “optimism” for our future. Elizabeth H. ’23, expressed other’s perspectives well: “I have a clearer understanding of the upcoming Biden administration’s priorities and principles in foreign policy, a greater appreciation for his diverse foreign affairs council, and a renewed hope for a better future.”