Poly Fund Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Connolly

It's a new year and our Poly Fund Volunteers are still hard at work. It's time to show off our January Volunteer Spotlight! Jessica Connolly is a new Poly parent of a second-, third-, and seventh-grader. Read on for our interview with her.

Why do you volunteer for the Poly Fund?
As a new Poly parent, I felt inclined to show my appreciation and thanks to the school by volunteering to raise funds. Our family moved to California from Connecticut in July during the pandemic. With deep appreciation for the amount of work the faculty and staff have had to do, volunteering to keep the school and its programs financially healthy just felt right.

What has helped you manage to deal with Stay-at-Home orders?
While very much enjoying this winter weather to the Northeast climate we left behind, the Stay-at-Home order in California has given me zero excuses not to work out or cook (which I loathe) more consistently! It has for sure brought our family closer and helped to further unveil each of our passions! 

Thank you, Jessica. And thank you to all of our incredible volunteers for helping keep Poly strong!