Poly Athletics creates Support Group

To better provide for its student-athletes, Poly Athletics has created the Support Group. The Support Group includes Rob Mikels, Poly’s on-campus athletic trainer, Sheldon Williams, Poly’s on-campus sports performance and strength conditioning coach, and Dr. Francisco Chaves, clinical sports psychologist who started working with Poly Athletics last fall. They will look at the Athletics program from an injury and rehabilitation standpoint, a functional sports performance standpoint, and from a good mental health and psychological state to ensure the student-athletes are well-prepared and ready for their season of sports. The Support Group will explore ways they can support Poly’s student-athletes throughout the year and serve as on-campus resources the student-athletes will be encouraged to utilize. The group will collaborate to make sure Poly's student-athletes are well cared for from all angles and from all points of their development and progression as athletes.
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