Math Fact Busters & and Sum Kool Singapore Math 4 Kids!

Instructor: Tonita Fernandez & Crystal Gordon
Grade(s): K-3
Period: E
Duration/ Session: 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Cost: $310
Math Busters to the rescue!! Amuse yourself through the number one roller coaster ride of math!! If your journey in math has been too fast, slow, up and down, or new this is the ride for you. A Strong math foundation is the key to grasping higher-level math concepts. This course is designed to help develop math fact fluency and to grasp Singapore Math concepts. Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract concepts will be taught and is a tangible way to increase levels of understanding. Students will work with: Number Bonds: Which shows the part-whole relationship between numbers. Bar Modeling: Will helps students visualize a range of math concepts, and Mental Math: Shall assist students on how to develop number sense and flexibility in thinking about numbers.