Blastoff into Outer Space

Instructor: Tonita Fernandez & Crystal Gordon
Grade(s): 1-3
Period: C
Duration/ Session: 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Cost: $310
3..2…1 Blastoff! If your child loves the study of outer space, consider signing him or her up for this fun-in-the-galaxy course! Students will identify the planets in the Earth's solar system, learn about astronauts, and apply science technology and engineering skills in project based learning.
This unique course will provide students in grades K-4 with an educational opportunity to explore and learn about space. They will participate in projects that foster curiosity and confidence while investigating intergalactic debris. We will inspire and encourage kids to ask questions about the world around them and point them toward the tools they’ll need to investigate. Hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and projects bring new concepts to life as students work collaboratively to solve problems. During this course, we strive to support children to think creatively and critically about their developing understanding of their world.
PolySummer… the final frontier!