KidBiz - Kidventures Financial Literacy Course

Instructor: Tonita Fernandez & Crystal Gordon
Grade(s): 3-5
Period: B
Duration/ Session: 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Cost: $310
Inspiring ordinary children to do extraordinary things is what this class is all about. Not every child will be an entrepreneur when he or she grows up, but through this course we can inspire every child to have an entrepreneurial spirit.
Have you ever thought about creating your own business in a real-world environment? Ever wished you knew the wonders of how to create products that will make others happy? Developing a business, earning cash, saving, and donating to worthy causes are key components to our Financial Literacy class. The Financial Literacy class will be filled with an abundance of activities that will take you on a journey to be remembered!! Each child will work on a team and create a business that they can develop and share with others. In this course, students will get into small groups, according to the businesses of interest, come up with a plan of what they would like to sell and create a budget. They will fill out an application, elect Vice Presidents (of marketing, finance, publicity), and elect their CEO. In addition, students will also work with a Graphic Designer and create their own company logo. Some of the companies they could develop might be a Beverage Bar, Bakery Business, T-Shirt Company, and other creative possibilities. Join us for a session of fun and adventure.