Waves of Facts, Fun and Oceanography

Instructor: Mark Munoz
Grade(s): K-1
Period: E
Duration/ Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Cost: $310
Shorely you will want to dive into learning about life under the sea! From dolphins and sharks to seahorses and sea turtles (and otters and octopuses, oh my!), we will fish for knowledge while discovering the wonders of ocean life. From under the sea, we will adventure ashore to explore tide pool creatures such as anemones, urchins and sea stars. Awareness of habitats, environmentally safe practices and endangered ocean species will be discovered along the way. And since we can't explore the ocean, the ocean will come to us in tanks and touch trays for a hands-on culmination of our oceanography adventure. Subject to availability.

But beware, matey and scallywag, o’ scurvy Pirate Fridays, as treasure hunts abound and pirate tales and booty provide swashbuckling fun. Who knows wha’ may ensue when the’ Jolly Roger be a’ flyin’! Savvy?