Imagine this! Junior Engineers & Architects in the Making K-3

Teacher: Tonita Fernandez
Grade(s): K- 3
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 3pm - 3:55pm
Cost: $275  ( Includes $25 materials fee )
Using mathematical strategies, creative minds and hands-on construction you can:
Build your own dream house. It could be a Log Cabin in the mountains; Cozy Beach House on an Island; Castle in the Desert; Or a Penthouse in Space; Whatever your dream, you can imagine it, design it, and build it out of recycled materials during the course of this class. Examples and footage of dream houses from around the world will provide ideas and inspiration, but the creation is up to you!
and / or
Design a theme park with your classmates as you create your own roller coaster. Learn the history and magic of roller coaster designs from experts in the field. Could it be another Space Mountain; Tune Town Roller CoasterBoomerang; or GhostRider in the making? You are the force behind this incredible journey.
and / or
Create your own bridge. Will it be a Suspension Bridge? Arch Bridge or a Beam Bridge? You get to bridge the way for you and your friends to cross.
This class will be taught via Zoom in the comfort of your home with large and small group instruction. (sample class structure below). After step by step instruction the students will work designs projects and/or activities that incorporate a blend of in-class and out of class assignments. Small group/breakout rooms will be created to facilitate community connection, opportunity for participation, sense of adventure and fun. Students are expected to log into Zoom sessions daily. A treasure chest of supplies in addition to recycled materials from home will arrive at your home to support the student in their Architectural design and Engineering creativity.
Sample Class Structure:
10 minute brainstorm session
15-20 product design meeting (large and small group dependent upon daily lesson plan)
15-20 minutes project or activity
10 minutes business meeting
Join in on the action! Don’t miss this opportunity for thrills, fun and excitement!