Virtual Vacation 4-8

Teacher: Morgan Kail-Ackerman
Grade(s): 4-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 12:30pm - 1:55pm
Cost: $225.00
Bummed about not being able to go on vacation this summer? Well, here is your chance! Students in Virtual Vacation will virtually sightsee as many places as they can over the course of the session. Meeting Monday/Wednesday/Friday for an hour and a half, students will explore museums, art exhibits, and even countries, all on Zoom, Google Maps, and Google searches. The power of technology is at our fingertips. At the end of each week, students will pick their own site to focus on and present it to the class. This class is a fun way for students to learn about history, culture, art, research and geography.

This class will take place both synchronous and asynchronous. Students will meet the whole class on Zoom for an hour, where we will discuss different cultural centers or the topic of our sightseeing. Students will then be in break-out rooms to do independent research for the last half-hour, with help from peers, in preparation for our next whole class discussion and lesson. Students will be expected to do all of the assignments and participate in group discussions.