Beginning Book Binding for Art Journal Explorations 5-9

Teacher: Catharine Stebbins
Grade(s): 5-9
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 Only
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 1pm - 1:55pm
Cost: $250
Combine the ancient art of hand binding books, with drawing, sketching, and collage, to begin the daily practice of art journaling. Art journaling is a meditative, fun, and creative outlet for anyone who likes to make things with paper! We begin using basic household supplies to make a blank hand-bound journal, then fill it throughout the session with your thoughts and ideas as expressed in collage, line drawing, cutouts, stamps and more. Emphasis will focus on using materials readily available at home, and how ideas can translate into other art mediums.

This class is synchronous, and students are expected to be present (barring technical difficulties) and actively participating for the whole class period. Following demonstrations at the start of class, students will work at their own pace in an atmosphere of trust, mutual support, and social engagement.

Materials and Supplies: Enrolled students will receive a supplies ideas list, and link to Amazon for the necessary book binding tools, approximately $20. Students must be allowed to use a needle and thread on their own.