Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons Role-Playing Game 4-8

Teacher: Eric Holmgren
Grade(s): 4-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday and Wednesday; OR Tuesday and Thursday
Time: M/W (12pm - 1:30pm) T/TH (9am - 10:30pm)
Cost: $150
Dungeons & Dragons is fun and exciting role-playing game that has been popular with kids and adults for over 40 years. Students will learn about the basic concepts of the game, create characters for the adventure, and embark upon a fun expedition into a world of magic and fantastic creatures! Role-playing will help the students engage their imaginations, improve their communications skills, and learn to work collaboratively to solve problems!

The class will be conducted in a synchronous manner. Students will need some 6-sided dice, a deck of playing cards, paper and pencil. Students are expected to participate with the group and display courtesy and cooperation with their classmates and teacher.