History of the World in 100 Objects 4-8

Teacher: Eric Homgren
Grade(s): 4-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 9am - 9:55am
Cost: $150
Travel across the centuries and around the world as we examine 100 objects from the British Museum that tell the story of human history! In each class you will view photos and 3-D renderings of various objects that demonstrate the creativity, ingenuity, survival and hope that define human civilizations. You will share how objects in our modern lives are similar and different from our ancestors, and how our modern objects impact our lives.

The class will be held on Zoom meeting app. It will be a synchronous learning environment. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, role-playing, and learning games. Basic school supplies will be needed for notes taking and game creation. Common household objects might be used for props in role-playing.