Book Club - One Crazy Summer 4-5

Teacher: Nicole Taylor
Grade(s): 4-5
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 only
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 10am - 10:55am
Cost: $260 (material fee included)
We will read this book together each day to explore literary elements such as summarizing, making connections, character development, and illustrating important scenes. a Discussion Director will help guide our conversations. Each student will participate in these discussions and contribute in a different way each week. Reading and discussions will be completed together; however, students may need to finish their work on their own to be prepared for our book club discussions, which will be each Friday.

One Crazy Summer is a Nobel Honor novel that follows the story of three sisters who go to meet their mother in Oakland, California in 1968. They think they will be visiting Disneyland and exploring fun places, but soon find out that mother has very different plans for them. This story takes place during a tumultuous time in history, which we will discuss along with the literary elements of the novel.