Mail Art DIY Envelopes and Cards 1-9

Teacher: Catharine Stebbins
Grade(s): 1-9
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 only
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 8:30 am - 9:55 am
Cost: $150
Who doesn’t love getting a special card in the mail? Let’s make some art to send to each other! Mail art began in the 1960’s and today is a global movement that promotes interconnection between makers by sharing handmade small-scale works through the mail. In this class students will create cards and envelopes with found materials, paper, collage, recycled objects, stamps, etc., address and stamp the envelopes, and then mail them to each other at the end of each week. This is a free-form process perfect for first time makers and accomplished artists alike. Emphasis will focus on personal creative expression using materials readily available at home. This class is synchronous, and students are expected to be present (barring technical difficulties) and actively participating for the whole class period. class time will include teacher demonstration, and students working at their own pace. An atmosphere of trust, mutual support, and social engagement will be encouraged – making art is fun to do together!

Materials and Supplies: No supplies fee required - all projects can be made from materials found at home. Enrolled students will receive a supplies ideas list.