If I Ran the Zoo 1-3

Teacher: Melanie Hampton
Grade(s): 1-3
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 1pm - 1:55pm
Cost: $280
What would you do if YOU ran the zoo? The idea may seem impossible, but this summer you can get your chance! In this class, you will get to design your very own zoo. First, we will learn about the animals we commonly see at the zoo. After, we’ll need to arrange and design where each exhibit will go - make sure all of your animals can fit! We’ll research what foods the animals can eat and make sure they have a feeding schedule. With so much to do to run a zoo, we have to make sure we know what to do! While setting up the zoo may be the easy part, what will we do when problems arise? During this course, we’ll cover a range of topics in both math, reading, and writing. Students will add and subtract, tell time, and will also deal with the concept of money. Students will problem solve and work together to make sure they have a successful zoo. Our class will take place on Zoom for 1 hour each day. Students will be mailed a journal, materials to build a (paper) zoo, and a packet of Zoo Keeper forms. Students should have the following materials at home: scissors, glue sticks, pencils, and crayons. During this time, we will work to build and maintain a zoo. Students will collaborate with their peers as they work to problem solve and make sure they are running a top notch zoo.