Summer Reading with Raz-kids Grade 3

Teacher: Bordeaux Martin
Grade(s): 3
Session(s): 1 or 2
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 11am - 11:55am
Cost: $100
It is important for children to maintain daily reading habits and comprehension skills over the summer to ensure readiness for the new school year. In this class, students will receive daily reading assignments with the opportunity to access more books from the Raz-kids library for independent reading. Comprehension skills are deepened with small group and independent work through Zoom and Seesaw. As an added bonus, Raz-kids offers virtual incentives and rewards for prolific readers!

This class will be a blend of 40 minutes of synchronous and 20 minutes of asynchronous learning. Daily reading will be assigned through the Raz-kids app that needs to be completed before the following day’s meeting. The class will meet online to discuss the reading using Bloom’s taxonomy questions. During this time, activities will also be reviewed. Activities will be assigned on the Seesaw app and completed during the asynchronous time. This class is best suited to the needs of students who are near or at grade-level for reading.