Grace Henley Society

The Grace Henley Society recognizes anyone in the Polytechnic School community who has thoughtfully provided for the school in a will or other estate plan. A planned gift to Poly through becomes part of the school's endowment, helping to ensure that the programs and values that have made Poly great in the past will continue for years to come.

Members of the Grace Henley Society have expressed their commitment to Polytechnic School by naming Poly as a beneficiary of a bequest, a charitable remainder unitrust, a charitable remainder annuity trust, or a gift of insurance.

Membership in the Grace Henley Society involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations; however, it does provide Poly with the opportunity to acknowledge your gift, and it may inspire the generosity of others. The most important benefit you will receive by joining the Grace Henley Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to Poly's long-term growth.

If you have provided for Poly in your estate plan and have not notified the school, please contact Christabel Estrada, the Director of Individual Giving, at 626-396-6341 so that we may acknowledge your generosity.
For more information about making a planned gift to Polytechnic School, please contact Christabel Estrada, director of individual giving, at 626-396-6341.
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