Welcome to the Upper School

Poly’s Upper School has an academic reputation that stands firmly on the hard work and intellectual ambition of our students and teachers. Our curriculum includes 16 Advanced Placement courses, as well as numerous electives. We combine intellectual challenge with opportunities in athletics, outdoor education, community outreach, extracurricular clubs, and the arts — each of them a chance to take risks and discover new ideas. Poly is a place where self-discovery is always happening, a place to deepen and solidify confidence in your abilities.

All of this occurs in the context of a true community. Every day in our classrooms and courtyards, you will see students who are committed to their studies, their sports, their activities, and perhaps most importantly, to each other. Community is the essential element that makes everything else possible here in the Upper School.

At Poly, teachers, advisors, coaches, and deans contribute alongside students to this sense of community. As we challenge students to strive, we are deeply committed to their growth and success. And as graduation approaches, our College Counseling Office helps each family through the process of deciding what school works best for their son or daughter.

I invite you to explore Poly further through our website and open houses. We are more than just a school—we are a community of athletes, artists, scholars, leaders, colleagues, and friends.

Jennifer Fleischer
Upper School Director
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