Support for academic success and personal well-being

To support students academically, socially, and personally, the following staff work closely with teachers and administrators in a team approach to fostering student well-being and academic success. Each student has an advisor who functions as the group leader for advisee groups that meet twice a week. Students meet individually with their advisors to discuss any personal issues that may arise; the advisors work closely with the grade level deans to support student progress. The grade level deans work with students on their academic plans, provide information on summer opportunities, and facilitate family meetings. The dean of student life manages attendance and discipline, as well as other areas of student life. The support team also includes the learning resources coordinator, who coordinates testing and learning accommodations; and director of health services.

Outside tutoring services

Students who are struggling in a specific class and whose academic needs exceed the school’s resources may require the services of an outside tutor. Teachers, deans, the learning resources coordinator, and parents are generally part of a conversation leading to this decision. The learning resources coordinator has lists of possible resources for families.
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