Learning to see and create

Through their visual arts classes, Lower School students are introduced to the “elements of art,” including shapes, color, texture, and value. Students learn art appreciation by studying the styles of important artists, as well as major art movements. Instructors work closely with classroom teachers at each grade level to design interdisciplinary art projects in support of social studies, literature, and history units. The goal of the Lower School program is to foster an environment that is supportive, non-critical, and builds self-confidence. Creativity is nurtured and personal style is encouraged in a positive and fun setting. A variety of techniques are explored, including: two- and three-dimensional projects; ceramics; pinch and coil creations along with techniques for texturing, embellishing, and glazing fired pieces; watercolor techniques. including wet on wet, dry brush, blending colors, and adding layers; drawing techniques using charcoal, pencil, oil pastel, and chalk. Students also learn techniques for batik, printmaking, and hand-crafted books.
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