Love learning from the start

At the Lower School, our goal is to build a foundation for lifelong curiosity and confident learning. Together, parents, students, and faculty work to promote educational and personal growth. Our teachers are responsive to the academic and developmental needs of each student, providing the individual attention that is essential during these foundational years, while creating projects that encourage collective discovery, achievement, and challenge. We involve even our youngest students in physical education, the arts, and community outreach, enabling them to explore individual passions. From the very beginning, we seek to foster a fundamental respect for community and individuality, along with a desire to make the world a better place.

Lower School by the Numbers:

  • Our community includes approximately 270 students 
  • Full-time classroom teachers and assistants: 20 
  • Support and specialized instruction personnel: 15 
  • Kindergarten through second grade: 14 to 15 students per class 
  • Third through fifth grade: 22 to 23 students per class
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