A dynamic, cohesive experience from grade to grade

Poly’s K-12 structure enables us to build challenge, creativity, and myriad extracurricular activities into the Poly experience at every age. From grade to grade, students learn to master skills that allow them to strive for their very best while at Poly and beyond.

In the Lower School, our youngest students master essential language and quantitative skills. They develop their powers of observation and their abilities to draw reasonable conclusions from data. They learn to speak and write clearly. We want them to work collaboratively with others and to think for themselves.

In the Middle School, school work becomes more complex, and so do our students. In the classroom, students move from learning facts to managing and analyzing them. They confront the fundamental questions of adolescence: Who am I? Where am I going? They have experiences that develop the confidence to lead, take calculated risks, and express themselves in front of their peers.

Armed with knowledge, organization, and study skills, our Middle School students are ready to excel in a vigorous Upper School program. Here, students immerse themselves in a richly-diverse and advanced curriculum, a vibrant campus culture, and broadening experiences in outdoor education, community outreach, and global exploration.
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