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Upper School students are required to participate in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program that was created to help foster self-reliance and to ensure students are prepared for college and their future. Upper School students are expected to bring their personal computing device to school every day. By having a device that meets the requirements listed below, each student will be able to participate fully in lessons and activities conducted by teachers at school.

G Suite for Education
Poly provides each student with a Google G Suite account that gives our students access to educational tools and apps, including GMail, GDrive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Blogger, Forms, extensions, and more. 

Student Responsibilities
Each student will be responsible for:
  • Managing his or her own device
  • Keeping the device stored safely in a school locker or other secure area when not being used
  • Ensuring the device has sufficient battery life to be able to work through several hours of classwork in addition to bringing a power cord for back-up
  • Using the device appropriately and in accordance with Poly's Responsible Use Agreement
  • Managing the download, installation, and use of computer applications on the device
  • Maintaining the hardware so that the device operates as required;
  • Maintaining backups of important files to minimize the effects of accidental data loss
Laptops: PC or Mac
(Minimum requirements)
Memory: 8GB or more
Hard Drive: 128 GB or more
Screen: 12” screen or larger
Working web camera and microphone
Operating System: Windows 10 or Mac OS

Introduction to Technology in the Ninth Grade

Electronic Learning Fundamentals (ELF)
Designed to support the Upper School’s BYOD Program and to foster skill development in using digital tools to learn, collaborate, and communicate, E-Learning Fundamentals is a ninth-grade, year-long, credit/no-credit course delivered through Canvas, an online Learning Management Systems (LMS). The course begins with a summer orientation workshop during which students are introduced to the learning modules and assignments required as well as core tenets of digital citizenship, email conventions, and online management practices. Students complete at least one assignment during each six-day cycle that supports projects and curricula from their core academic classes and school activities. Units of study (modules) include Google Suite tools (Drive, Documents, Sheets Forms, Slides, Keep, and Sites), an array of interactive online applications, social media literacy, introduction to computer science computational thinking, visual design elements, and effective multimedia presentations from concept through delivery. The year culminates with the completion of an electronic portfolio that showcases each student’s achievements.

Additional information

Financial aid
Families receiving financial aid for 50 percent or more of the cost of tuition will receive a one-time subsidy to be used toward the purchase of an approved device. Information regarding the subsidy will be sent directly to qualifying families in July.

Student support
Student support is available to students every morning beginning at 7:45 a.m. (except Tuesdays), after school, during all L periods and community time, and during most lunches. Students' free periods are available by appointment.

If you have additional questions regarding Upper School technology, the ninth-grade Electronic Learning Fundamentals Class, or the Bring Your Own Device Program, please contact Beverly Goldin, Upper School technology integration specialist.
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