Creation versus consumption

The Lower School Educational Technology program is iPad-centric and focuses on building foundational technology skills. Students move away from technology consumption and begin to understand that technology is a tool that can be used as an outlet for personal creativity, innovation, communication, and learning. Technology integration in the classroom comprises both the final outcome and the creation or development process, whether it is a tangible product or a learning objective. In the Lower School, students gain confidence using a wide variety of tools that prepare them for Middle School.

Foundational skills
  • General operation of iPads and laptops;
  • Keyboarding and publishing;
  • Digital collaboration;
  • Presentation design;
  • Video editing;
  • Programming;
  • Cloud applications;
  • Digital etiquette and internet safety.
Project examples
  • Kindergarten students use the Book Creator app to illustrate and narrate All About Me books;
  • First-graders work with their fifth-grade buddies to take photographs on their nature walk and then layer them images with a typed haiku, and narrate and compile them into classroom poetry books using Book Creator;
  • Second-grade students use green screen and video editing tools to film commercials advertising their products for the craft store unit;
  • Third-graders create an online webpage with various presentation design elements to deliver information on a topic of interest;
  • Fourth-grade students create "breaking news" broadcasts using Touchcast Studio (including teleprompter and green screen effects) in order to deliver information on a historical California event;
  • Fifth-grade students collaborate to write their own parodies and film video clips, which they then pair with music to present parodies in a music video.
Device overview
Grade-level specific laptop carts for third and fourth grade; dedicated iPad cart for whole-class activities for grades K-4; 1:1 iPads in fifth grade; pods of iPads in K-3 classrooms to accommodate small-group activities. Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with smart boards for interactive digital thinking and notation recording.


If you have additional questions regarding Lower School technology, contact Sarah Nua, Lower School technology integration specialist.
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