A Poly supporter's story

"I feel a sense of pride … " — Chiemi Suzuki '96

Chiemi Suzuki ’96 has logged quite a few miles since graduating from Poly. She attended Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, then law school at San Francisco’s UC Hastings, and finally Columbia University in New York for a master’s in biotechnology. Now an attorney in New York, Chiemi draws on all of her background as a pharmaceutical patent litigator.

Everywhere she has gone, Chiemi has treasured her Poly foundation and donated to the school ever since graduating. The breadth and richness of her Poly experiences stand out most for Chiemi. During her 11 years here, she played basketball and volleyball, wrote for the newspaper, sang in ninth-grade chorus, played the violin in the Middle School Orchestra, learned the cello and clarinet, and took part in Lower School plays. She still marvels about her varied experiences in the arts: “It’s good cocktail-party conversation now to be able to say I did all these artistic things,” she laughs.

This appreciation for such varied experiences in her youth spurred Chiemi to include Poly in her will. “When I look back on the opportunities I had at Poly, I recognize I heard the unique message of, ‘If you want to do it, do it.’ Exploration was encouraged. I want to ensure that legacy will continue for other kids.” Chiemi has designated a percentage of her estate to support financial aid at Poly so that more students can access the school experience she had. Giving back to and investing in an institution that meant so much to her is like second nature for Chiemi. “The giving culture was a part of my family DNA,” she says, “and I feel really fortunate to be able to give. I feel a sense of pride that I can support the school that introduced me to lifelong friends and shaped who I am today.”
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