Service as citizens: Community Outreach at the Upper School

The primary mission of the Upper School Community Outreach Program at Poly is to develop responsibility and understanding while gaining connection to the community outside the school. We believe that appreciation of the communities in which we live is an integral part of being an educated citizen and part of personal growth. To this end, we have a basic requirement that all students must fulfill in order to graduate.

In their freshman year, students participate in the service projects of their choice. This participation is fulfilled through a combination of service opportunities offered during the year either on campus or in the community. While there is only an eight-hour requirement for freshman, they often spend much more time doing service work. They are also expected to support the projects sponsored by their class during the year.

Between the beginning of the sophomore year and the end of the junior year, students are required to do one project of about 30 hours. They may choose a project from among the offerings at Poly or they may work at a site of their choice.

Seniors have no requirement, but are encouraged to provide leadership by sharing their experiences in community projects with underclassmen. Since the beginning of the Upper School Outreach program, a large majority of the senior class has remained involved in community outreach.
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