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Information today comes in many different forms, and the goal of the Poly libraries and librarians is to ensure that our students master all the myriad ways to access and evaluate information during their educational careers and beyond. Thanks to the generosity of Poly supporters, we recently built two large, modern libraries: the Lower and Middle School Library in 2011 and the Upper School Library in 2012. These facilities bring together diverse media, classroom instruction, the latest research tools, and thoughtful collections. On both campuses, our libraries serve as dynamic hubs of community, fostering not only reading and research, but also social connection, creative expression, and the celebration of scholarship.


Technology skills are integrated across the curriculum in ways that support academic coursework while teaching pertinent concepts and skills. The Lower School offers a dedicated computer lab where students learn keyboarding and other important concepts. Mobile computer labs and plentiful in-classroom tools further augment the computer lab. At the Middle School, our educational technology support specialist, in collaboration with faculty, plans and executes lessons using various technologies, which include software for science, math and desktop publishing, projectors, document cameras, digital video and still photography, and various Internet resources. The Upper School continues the theme of integrated technology instruction throughout the curriculum. Across campus, students have access to computers, including in the library, visual art and filmmaking studios, and mobile computer labs. In the classroom, teachers use a variety of Internet resources, software, and tools to enhance their instruction.
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