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    Patience and impatience

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    A few New Year’s resolutions to consider...

    Patience, more of it. The expectation of an instant response, gratification, or answer flies in the face of what excellence in education demands: deep, joyful inquiry, exploration, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty.

    Openness, more of it. When we seek new ideas and perspectives that challenge our ways of thinking and seeing the world around us, we expand our understanding of the opportunities and issues in front of us.

    Less is more. What truly matters is what matters. Being overly busy should not be misconstrued as being effective or more engaged.

    Yes. Many books and articles have been written recently about saying yes as a healthy way of living, so I won’t belabor the point other than to remind us that saying yes, deliberately, engages all that we bring to each other in ways that “no” never does.

    Teach. All of the adults in a child’s life are teachers. Our action, inaction, silence, and words are shaping those young minds around us.

    Exploration. Our Global Initiatives Program embraces Mark Twain’s famous line about travel as “fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” We should also recognize the amazing opportunities we have within a few miles to listen to and learn from some of the greatest minds and institutions of the 21st century.

    Catalyst. Let’s think about the probing questions we can ask and ambitious actions we can take that will inject new energy into Poly’s community of learners.

    Honor. Our newly adopted honor code should guide our efforts to nourish a community where everyone — I mean everyone — feels seen, heard, and valued. As a member of the Polytechnic community, I will act to foster inclusion and to promote excellence in all that I do. I commit to approach my decisions with integrity, kindness, and generosity both on and off campus.

    Nurture. I like this word because, like patience (see above), it speaks to slowing down and having faith in what lies within us.

    Intellect. Use it, champion it, and defend it — humbly and wisely.

    Courage. Not everything we do should take on heroic proportions, but our willingness to be courageous in our daily lives will profoundly shape our community in ways that echo the vision of our founders and the promise of our mission.

    Happy New Year!


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