Spaceship Engineers - Creative Problem Solving in the video game Space Engineers (5-8)

Teacher: Michale Minto
Grade(s): 5-8
Session(s): 3 weeks/ Session 1 or 2
Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: 1:30pm - 2:55pm
Cost: $225
The game "Space Engineers" puts the students in a world with real physics and mechanics. The instructor will lead the students in the finding and mining of resources and the design, construction, and modification of their own space ships. The challenging environment will force students to collaborate and work together to tackle real engineering problems in a fun and simplified world. Eventually, the instructor will lead the students off-planet and into space to build even larger ships with more complexity. Using a volumetric block building interface similar to Minecraft will make construction accessible and fun. This course requires that the students have access to the game Space Engineers on Steam, a computer that can run the game effectively, and a high-speed internet connection to connect to the server.