We value the team experience

Whether playing or cheering for Poly teams, our students learn to value the good sportsmanship, strong leadership, and interdependence that are essential to any successful team. These are lessons that resonate not only during a child’s education but throughout adult life. All students in seventh through 12th grade are encouraged to participate in interscholastic sports. The Athletic Department provides ample opportunities by offering a variety of sports activities and by implementing a policy through which every student who desires may participate on a team.

Polytechnic School takes its role in the community seriously by striving to develop student-athletes who contribute cooperation, sportsmanship, and a strong work ethic to their families, neighborhoods, and beyond.

Interscholastic sports by season

Fall Winter Spring
Football Boys/girls basketball       Badminton
Boys water polo       Boys/girls soccer Baseball
Cross country Girls water polo Boys golf
Girls golf Dance Team* Boys volleyball    
Girls tennis Fencing* Softball
Girls volleyball Swimming
Dance Team* Track and field
Fencing* Boys tennis

Equestrian* (year-round)

*Denotes non-interscholastic sport
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