General questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Does Poly accept applications from international or foreign students?

    At this time, Polytechnic School does not accept applications from international students and is not able to offer, process, or assist in the procurement of student visas (Form I-20). Please visit for information about other schools in the area, which may accept international students.
  • How do I apply to Poly?

    The application for Polytechnic School is processed online and will be available through our admission portal in October. Lower School applications are due in December, Middle and Upper School applications are due in January. Supporting documents (teacher recommendations, transcripts etc.) are due in February. For a complete list of supporting documents, check the steps to apply for Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School.
  • Can interested families visit the school?

    Visiting the campus is a great way to learn about the school and to get a sense of the community. During the fall season, open houses specific to each division (Lower, Middle, and Upper School) are offered. Open houses are the best way to see the campus and offer an opportunity to hear from the head of school, director of admission, division director, faculty, current parents, and students. Reservations are required to attend and can be made through the online inquiry. 

    Open houses are an optional step in applying to Poly, please reserve a spot online if you are interested in touring the campus. Lower School open houses are for adults only; Middle and Upper School open houses are offered for adults and applicants. Applications may be submitted prior to attending an open house.
  • How many new students enter the school each year?

    Each year, we expect approximately 45 openings in kindergarten, 18-20 in sixth grade, 10-12 in seventh grade, and 25-30 in ninth grade. These numbers may vary slightly year-to-year due to enrollment and attrition. Spaces in non-entry grades (grades 1-5, 8, and 10-12) are available only through attrition.
  • How old should my child be to apply to kindergarten?

    All applicants must be five years old by Aug. 31 of the year they wish to enter kindergarten, so they should apply during the fall of the year before. There are no exceptions to the birthday deadline.
  • Must I take the ISEE at Poly?

    The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is offered at many locations and schools in the area and across the country. Students applying to Poly do not need to take the test on the Poly campus. It is important to indicate that the results from testing should be sent to Poly using the school code (052402). Students applying for grade 6 will take the lower exam, applying for grades 7-8 will take the middle, and those applying to 9-12 will take the upper. 

    Applicants to grades 6 through 12 are required to take the ISEE. Visit for more information and to register for the exam. While Poly requires the ISEE, the results are only one factor considered during the admission process. Poly encourages students to take the exam only once during the application season. Should we receive more than one score report for an individual, only the first set of results will be considered.
  • Where do I find the supplemental application forms (such as the Parent Statement, Teacher Recommendations Forms, etc.)?

    Supporting documents will be available on the admission portal, when the online application is available beginning in early October. These forms include Student Statements, Parent Statements, Teacher Recommendations, Transcript Release Forms, and others. 
  • When will we receive notification of admission decisions?

    Notification letters for admission and financial aid decisions for the 2019-20 school year will be released on Friday, March 8, 2019.
  • What does it mean to be in the wait pool?

    Unfortunately, Poly has more qualified applicants than open spots in each class. The wait pool consists of a small group of students for each grade who would be appropriate for Poly but cannot be initially accepted. The wait pool for each grade is unranked; should a space become available, all applicants at all grade levels in the pool will be considered. Spaces vacated in one grade may be filled at a different level or within a different division. The wait pool remains active until the first day of the school year, as vacancies can sometimes develop unexpectedly. Students are not admitted during the school year. The Admission Team will reach out to wait pool families directly and promptly with an offer of admission should a space become available.
  • What is the new California Immunization Law (SB 277)?

    New California immunization law (SB 277):

    Effective January 1, 2016, parents of incoming kindergarten and seventh grade students will no longer be allowed to submit personal beliefs exemptions for any currently required school vaccine. All other students with personal belief exemptions, filed prior to 2016 and on file in the Health Office, may attend school.  For a list of required vaccinations for entry to kindergarten and seventh grade, please visit Shots for School at

Financial aid questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • How do I apply for financial aid?

    Visit our financial aid page for information and application instructions. Financial aid information is also mailed to current families with the Dec. 1 tuition billing.
  • What factors are considered in determining the amount of assistance?

    All of Poly’s awards are based strictly on demonstrated need. Priority is given to current families. Poly does not give scholarships for special talents nor academic merit. Although family income level is a significant consideration, many other factors figure in the decision-making process. These factors include the number of children attending schools for which tuition is paid, other family dependents, assets and liabilities, and unusual expenses. These special considerations will be identified from the information on the financial aid application and any other supplemental information that families provide.
  • What is the typical amount of an award?

    There is no “typical” award, as families are evaluated individually. Current awards range from less than 10% to almost 100%. The school does exercise caution so that it does not commit an unreasonably large portion of its limited resources to a single family where multiple children are attending Poly. It is assumed that family resources will be used to the maximum extent possible.
  • We have children in college for whom we are paying tuition. How much consideration does the school give to that?

    The school does give consideration to college tuition but only to the extent equal to Poly’s high school tuition.
  • What if I am separated or divorced?

    While the school recognizes the challenges involved in these situations, it is expected that all family resources will be committed to the Poly education. Both custodial and non-custodial parents are required to complete financial aid applications and submit all necessary documentations.
  • What if I have remarried or there are other adults living in the household?

    Resources of stepparents or other adults living in the household will be considered. Financial information will be required from all parties that contribute to the maintenance of the household.
  • I am a stay-at-home parent. Will that affect the amount of assistance my family receives?

    When a parent does not work and there are no preschool children or family members requiring care in the household, the school will impute an annual income to the non-working parent.
  • Will my records be confidential?

    The financial aid committee, composed of senior administrators, maintains strict confidentiality over financial aid files. Only those who are directly involved in the decision making and administration of financial aid have access to the information. Admission committees review applications without knowledge of financial aid applications. Confidentiality is required from aid recipient families as well.
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