Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity of ideas, experiences, and identities within the school enriches the experience of everyone and inspires transformative teaching and learning. At Poly, we celebrate and value the uniqueness of each individual in the community to fulfill the school’s mission and vision.

An inclusive community fosters academic excellence and personal growth to ensure that all students are seen and heard, empowering every student to be authentic. Faculty and staff practice inclusivity and appreciation to create a safe learning environment where differing viewpoints and multiple perspectives are expressed and honored. Conformity of thought is not required. At Poly, we value all cultures and ethnicities and the richness they bring to our shared community. Poly strives to ensure all families experience a sense of belonging and are able to participate fully in the life of the school.

We believe all members of the Poly community share a collective responsibility to foster an equitable and just community. We strive to:
  • Value and create connections amongst all members of the community;
  • Weave the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the curriculum and fabric of the school;
  • Seek and provide feedback to promote growth;
  • Approach decisions with integrity, kindness, and generosity;
  • Encourage empathy and see the best in each other.


The importance of diversity work in independent schools

From diversity to inclusion and equity

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