Poly’s guiding statements

Mission Statement (adopted 2005, revised 2008)

The mission of Polytechnic School is to develop the intellect, talents, and character of each student in a community of learning dedicated to principles of academic excellence that values the uniqueness and dignity of each member and fosters personal responsibility and service to others.

Credo (adopted 1986)

We are committed to honesty, justice, charity, and the pursuit of knowledge.

We respect the dignity and worth of all human beings—their thoughts, their feelings, and their individuality.

We seek to celebrate the joy, the love, and the creativity that emanate from the human spirit.

We strive to be responsible and contributing members of our families, our school community, and the world.


Polytechnic School, a college-preparatory school established in 1907, is dedicated to the education of students from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a school founded on the principles of academic excellence, personal and communal responsibility, and service to others. As a community of learning, Poly expects all members to be engaged actively in the quest for knowledge and understanding. The school seeks students who are inquisitive and motivated to learn, faculty who are passionate about their fields of study, and staff who are devoted to supporting the educational mission of the school. 

A central focus of Poly is to offer a strong and rigorous academic program that is responsive to the developmental and learning needs of our students. Small classes, which encourage deep student-faculty interaction, facilities that enhance the ability of the faculty to teach, and opportunities for faculty development, are essential ingredients in the academic enterprise. 

Integral to the education experience at Poly are activities beyond the classroom including athletics, outdoor education, community outreach, and the visual and performing arts. Through these programs, students explore and develop additional skills and interests that stretch them both physically and mentally. Teachers, coaches, and administrators who understand the vital link between these activities and classroom learning, promote collaboration, leadership and respect for the world beyond the school.

The foundation on which the educational mission of the school rests is the commitment to respect every member of the community. Poly values both the character of each individual and the larger sense of community in which the individual may grow and flourish. The Poly community appreciates the cultural, ethnic and economic diversity present in the Pasadena area and strives to reflect it. The school provides a welcoming environment to all students and their families. Members of the Poly community appreciate and learn from individual differences, foster the ability to disagree with civility, and embody courtesy and compassion.

A Poly education encourages students to become intellectual leaders, who are prepared to become contributing and responsible citizens in their communities. The school expects to develop in its students a joy for learning, an appreciation for the value of friendship, a life-long relationship with the school and the commitment to be of service to others. The goal of Poly is to have graduates prepared to meet the complexities of a changing world with confidence and good character.
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