Emergency preparedness at Poly

Polytechnic School is fortunate to be located in a safe neighborhood. However, natural hazards and active threats may occur from time to time. While these hazards and threats are relatively rare, we want to take sensible measures to prepare for them. 

Our primary methods of preparation are:
  • Hands-on practice through drills;
  • Distribution of learning materials;
  • Consultation with safety experts and other schools;
  • Reinforcing a culture of “see something, say something”;
  • Ongoing refinement to our drills and notification systems.    
Safety experts with whom we consult include Pasadena Fire, Pasadena Police, a retained security consulting firm, and our neighbor, Caltech. Dave Yamaoka, Poly's manager of safety, security, and sustainability, oversees the school's emergency preparedness programs and Poly’s emergency preparedness team.


Questions or concerns may be directed to Dave Yamaoka, manager of safety and sustainability, at 626-396-6371.
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